1. How often do you post?
    I will give my best to publish at least one review per day, maybe two or three - depends on my daily amount of free time and how fast will I manage to gather the information needed.

  2. In which order are you going to review GD's?
    To start off, I've thought of reviewing the most trending ones at the moment. The order in which I will post the reviews will be random/chosen by me and myself only, however I accept requests as well, which means you can apply by yourself, and one day I will surely, hundred percently review you, no matter how skilled/talented and known you are.

  3. You're anonymous, why should we take you seriously.
    Well, being anonymous doesn't yet mean I should have all my human rights taken away. I am still allowed to voice my opinion and I, anonymous but still kind, am nothing less than you, who are not anonymous, but probably arrogant and loud.
    I am anonymous because I do not crave attention for what I am doing. I'm doing this because I wanted to start something fresh and spice up the scene with a daily updated blog.
    If you figured out my identity, fine. But there's absolutely no need to shout it out loud.

  4. Can I add you?
    Feel free to add me if you're a graphic designer and want me to post a review on you. If I reviewed you already, I will send you a friend request and most likely leave a notification in your guest book. My account is GD-reviews.

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  1. This is not a question, but an idea. I think you should make a page of all the graphic designers you have reveiwed in alphabetical order, with links to their reviews, so they are easier to find.