The end.

Some of you should already know that I've revealed myself on Tinychat on the 24th of August, with an one-hour delay. Which isn't important at all.
Five people came (and I mean five in total, not at once), which was a pretty huge surprise for me, as I haven't expected anyone at all.
Okay, so why am I still here? I guess that's because I wanna clarify some things, such as what did I mean with saying, 'custom' poses and why did I decide to review myself.
For those who are still questioning my real identity, I am Nika, a.k.a. Princess_Kiara1. Surprised? 
I thought people will be quick to find out the name behind 'the reviewer', mainly because of my poor vocabulary and grammar, which is the one thing I can't hide, or can I?

I literally tried everything to cover up my identity, I came up with one of the simplest and least appealing blog layouts ever, used one of the least appealing fonts I've seen, even GD-reviews, the Stardoll account, looked nothing like my doll. But I have to admit I should've pointed out the similarities between GD-reviews and momijigal911 before anyone (Kirsten) started to think that Megan is the reviewer. That was when I started to feel bad.

Anyways, let's get to the point now, what did I mean with saying custom poses?
Some people are still confused with the term "custom poses", I guess that's because I never made it clear what I meant with saying it (obviously), and because I kind of started off with the wrong term and never really thought about replacing it with a clearer one. So basically, custom poses was, well, at least in my head, the same as poses from scratch. It did not mean any kind of advanced poses - different angles, bent legs, bent anything, etc., it simply meant poses that have been made free handedly, without using reference pictures to track over, anything the term "from scratch" covers, really.

Why did I decide to review myself?
I liked the idea because I thought it would kind of help me to cover up my real identity, if you get what I mean. Like, it would, in other people's eyes, lessen the chances of GD-reviews being me, Nika, if that makes more sense.
However, I wasn't the author of my own review. The author was Khol, Hollyoaksrocks*, and I suppose she's comfortable with her name being put on this blog. She offered to review me because I complained about having a tough time while reviewing myself. However, because her review ended up being too short and the score was as high as 97%, I decided to lenghten it a bit and to add more negative points to help me lower the score. The final product was, despite my editing, based sorely on her original review, I didn't add anything to flatter myself, in fact, I removed some of the sentences that expressed too much of flattery.

One thing I'm pretty sure about is that this blog has no tomorrow. I'd never be able to review people from the same aspect because I just do not feel comfortable with criticising people who might even be my friends, it makes me seem like I think of myself super highly, as in being above everyone else, it's just not fair. 

And if you've got any further questions, let me know in the comments and I will update this post/reply to your comment. That's it for now.

Call me crazy, call me pathetic, feel free to call me an attention whore(even though it wouldn't make much sense, don't you think?), I really do not care. Haters gonna hate, you know.


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  1. never expected that you could be the reviewer.
    anyway, you did great job with this blog.