Review #7: Princess_Kiara1

My next topic is none other than the graphic designer of FEMME magazine, Nika Pokerzhnik, better known as Princess_Kiara1. A lot of people claim she is one of the best graphic designers on Stardoll, but does she live up to what people claim her to be?

Two recent graphics:

Straight away you can tell how much hard work and dedication she puts into her graphics! A lot of her graphics seem to be made from scratch, which is very impressive. Even her first pose from scratch wasn't too much of a fail, except of the hands being a tad too small. Her shading technique in general tends to differ from the most, which sometimes makes her graphics look not Stardoll-like. Her skin shading technique is somewhat balanced and not as basic as it may seem at first glance! If we take a look on the top right graphic, we can see how much work was put into the knee area. As perfect as her graphics may seem, they're not. The shading on model's left leg is oddly exaggerated below her knee, and everything seems like Nika is facing trouble when it comes to shading flowy, loose clothes! You can see how fake the dress' sleeves look on the top left picture, and how odd the bottom part looks. Flowy garments are her weak point, and she's even written an equal statement on her blog. The amount of detail she adds to her graphics is breath taking, but sometimes her shading can be a little too dark and messed up. For backgrounds, she usually uses Stardoll interiors or gradients.

Two oldest graphics I've found:

What to improve?
Theres nothing really to criticize other than the shading could be a tad lighter, and to tidy things up a little. I'd love to see you start doing backgrounds from scratch! Practice clothes, especially dresses!

Blog link?

Do they provide graphic tutorials?
Even though Nika has made a tab on her blog, and called it tutorials, she does not provide any.

Do they take requests?
No, Nika does not seem to take graphic requests, and apparently, she isn't even reliable. 


Improvement: 9/10
First impression: 10/10
Shading technique in general: 9/10
Proportions/Anatomy: 9/10
Custom poses: 9/10
Hair: 8/10
Medoll/face shading: 10/10
Clothes shading: 8/10
Attention to detail: 10/10
Background choice: 8/10

Princess_Kiara1 has scored a total of 90%!
Graphic level: Extraordinary


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  2. Nika's graphics really are great! I think you should explain what you think is "custom" poses, since I've seen a few of Nika's reference pictures she uses for graphics. Overall, I think it may be slightly overrated, but of course, no one can compare their skills to the extra talented Nika ;)

  3. Her poses are not that custom. I would call them simple.