Today I checked my guestbook, and I saw a reader who goes by the nickname afrin_98. They requested a review of two graphic designers - sparklewand12 and princess_kiara1!

You should definitely let me know in the comments whether you agree with her and want me to review both of them, or not, because I certainly see no point of making reviews that no one wants to read. 

You can also request a review of someone else or even yourself (like conectt3 did)! BUT, I will not publish any reviews today. I will review the most requested GD's tomorrow or in two days, which means I will obviously try to fulfill as many of your requests as I can. 

So, to state it short and simple;
a) Do you want me to review sparklewand12 and princess_kiara1?
b) Who (else) do you want me to review?


  1. I would like to order a review, but right now I'm still a beginner and trying out different techniques, so maybe I will apply in a few weeks!

  2. I think both sparklewand12 and princess_kiara1 should be reviewed... I think you should also review Martusia_144 :)

  3. review lige07 (Lige Scene).

  4. i agree. you should review princess_kiara1 and sparklewand12. i also agree with lovegossip4life. martusia_144 should be reviewed.

  5. I agree, sparklewand12 and princess_kiara1 should be reviewed. But I also agree with the others, Martusia_144 and lige07 should be reviewed too ;)

  6. I think you should review, in priority order:
    1. Nika / Princess_kiara1
    2. Kasey / Martusia_144
    3. Kirsten / Sparklewand12
    4. Lige / Lige07