Review #3: LadyGagaMcQueen

My very next victim is the french graphic designer, owner of Victor&Klaus and a contestant of the second cycle of SDNTGD, LadyGagaMcQueen a.k.a. Amanda Lucy! She's started off with writer banners for Beg For More and went onto designing her own fashion line, Victor&Klaus! Let's take a look at her graphics, shall we?

Two recent graphics:

My honest opinion of her graphics would be, they're nothing special, but damn, look at her SDNTGD task entry above! Now that's something decent, isn't it? She seems to do a good job when it comes to recreating real-life images (poses, clothes), but sadly it looks like she is facing trouble when drawing clothes off of scratch, such as for her fashion line (top left graphic). Clothes look very basic, there is no or barely any folds to make them look more realistic, while on the top right graphic, which is a real-life recreation, we can see how well she pulled off the folds in clothes. Her hair designs are basic, nothing surplus. Looking all the way through her blog, I even found an old graphic, portraying what seems to be a custom pose, and it wasn't that good. But hey, at least she gave it a try! Amanda's skin shading technique is unbalanced, with some lowlights but no clearly visible highlights. She usually creates backgrounds by herself, but sometimes uses Stardoll's interiors as well.

Two oldest graphics I've found:

What to improve?
Practice clothes! Try to put folds into your own designs to get rid of that plastic feel! I'd also recommend you to try out different hair designs and structures! Loose curls, buns, plaits, try a bit of everything! When shading skin, increase the opacity of highlights to balance out your shading technique. Try to draw custom poses, you can take a photo of yourself or anybody else and use it as a reference picture, if needed. 

Blog link? 

Do they provide graphic tutorials?
No, Amanda Lucy does not provide any graphic tutorials.

Do they take requests?
Yes, Amanda Lucy takes requests and your best bet is to contact her through her guestbook. My guess is that her prices depend on complexity of your request.


Improvement: 10/10
First impression: 6/10
Shading technique in general: 5/10
Proportions/Anatomy: 6/10
Custom poses: 2/10
Hair: 5/10
Medoll/face shading: 4/10
Clothes shading: 4/10
Attention to detail: 5/10
Background choice: 6/10

LadyGagaMcQueen scored a total of 53%!
Graphic level: Decent


  1. This one is even worst that dogpuppy. How could she score more points?!

  2. These are horrible