Review #2: LoveGossip4Life

The second one to be ripped onto shreds is none other than the stupendous winner of the first cycle SDNTGD, ladies and gentlemen, Lindsey Le'Vogue! But are her graphics really as flawless as they seem?

Two recent graphics:

On the very first sight, her graphics seem almost flawless. But if we dig deeper, we can actually spot a flaw or two.
While her hair designs do not lack detail and are amazingly structured (but often look like they're all the same style, thoguh), her models seem to have an oddly low hairline! She doesn't seem to have ever made a custom pose, as well she lacks anatomy knowledge. Collarbones seem to be one of her weakest spots; they're often too exaggerated  and thick. The V shaped lines that go often up her models' necks (top right graphic, the USD banner) always make me wonder, "what is that"? However, she barely ever fails to shade clothes properly, her clothing-shading skills are amazing and we all shall applaud her for the good work! Her skin shading technique is pretty basic, there are barely any layers of highlights, but it works for her. She often uses Stardoll's interiors and Scenery templates as a background, which has lately been a popular trend.

Two oldest graphics I've found:

What to improve:
Draw slimmer collarbones, and no V's, please! Try to draw some custom poses, other than that, your graphics are very good!

Blog link?

Do they provide graphic tutorials?
Yes, Lindsey Le'Vogue has made a few very helpful tutorials in the past! To access them on her YouTube Channel, click HERE

Do they take requests?
Yes, Lindsey Le'Vogue does take graphic requests and she also seems to be very reliable! Her prices vary between 5 and 225 Stardollars, prices for custom graphics vary depending on complexity (my guess). There is no information provided whether she accepts payment in Starcoins or not. For more info, click HERE.


Improvement: 9/10
First impression: 10/10
Shading technique in general: 8/10
Proportions/Anatomy: 6/10
Custom poses: 0/10
Hair: 8/10
Medoll/face shading: 10/10
Clothes shading: 8/10
Attention to detail: 9/10
Background choice: 9/10

LoveGossip4Life scored a total of 76%!
Graphic level: Advanced


  1. I would give her 10 for improvement.

    1. Her graphics weren't completely terrible before, and they're not utterly perfect now. It's a 9, a 10 wouldn't change anything, though.^^

  2. Thanks for the review, I was happy to see you chose me to evaluate :) I agree with custom poses, I still have that to work on.

  3. Idk about you, But i'm a complete sucker for Lindsey's collarbones X] to each their own, I guess.