Review #1: Doggy_Starpuppy

I decided to start off with a seemingly very busy graphic designer, Doggy_Starpuppy, whose real name is Julie Carol, but often refers to herself as Harley Quinn. Why so, still puzzles me.

Two recent graphics:

Her graphics do not seem to be anything special and often lack attention to detail. She does not seem to have a well balanced shading technique; model's legs in the very first shown graphic are over-highlighted and not shaded at all, which is and looks wrong in so many ways. Models' faces do, color-wise, not match their body, which is very sloppy and could easily be fixed with use of the Color Picker Tool! Hair seems to be one of her weakest points as she always draws the same kind of a hairstyle, yet still fails to make it look Stardoll like. Another disappointmet, she does not seem to work or have any experience with custom poses, everything seems to be a re-designed magazine page. My very first impression when I took a look at a few thumbnails of her graphics was quite good, however, it was ruined as soon as I zoomed in. As a background, she often uses compositions and interiors off of Stardoll, which lately seems to be trending. Depending on the fact that she does possess a pen tablet, she could do much more.

Two oldest graphics I've found:

What to improve:
Try to balance out your shading technique, girl! Two, three layers at maximum of highlights and about the same amount of lowlights shall do the job! Barely anybody can make shiny graphics work! Try to make a custom pose and hit me up with it, try to look for a tutorial if you face any trouble. To match model's body color with her face color, try using the colorpicker tool, which is available everywhere - even in Paint! Try different hair styles!

Blog link?

Do they provide graphic tutorials?
No, Julie Carol does not provide tutorials in any shape or form.

Do they take requests?
Yes, Julie Carol takes requests! Her prices vary between 20 and 30 Stardollars and are negotiable. The also accepts payment in Starcoins and takes custom requests (which she charges depending on complexity). For more info, click HERE.


Improvement: 2/10
First impression: 8/10
Shading technique in general: 5/10
Proportions/Anatomy: 9/10
Custom poses: 0/10
Hair: 6/10
Medoll/face shading: 1/10
Clothes shading: 7/10
Attention to detail: 3/10
Background choice: 9/10

Doggy_Starpuppy scored a total of 50 points, which is equal to 50%!
Graphic level:  Decent


  1. wow. that was one detailed review.
    thank you for the advice. will keep it in mind.

  2. She is the worst graphic artist i ever saw. No talent at all.