Review #6: Martusia_144

In my sixth review, I will observe Kasey Noelle, who is the third out of four people to be reviewed today. She got second in the first cycle of SDNTGD and also won the top photo a time or two. She is also a regular contributor of The Vault and is having her birthday in eleven days! Let this review begin!

Two recent graphics:

 Kasey's graphics have been getting better and better. I admire her hair designs and I believe many people envy her for being so good with hair. However, she is one of those whose skin shading technique is rather basic. On the 14 graphic above, for example, shoulders shouldn't be as thickly shaded as the rest of her arms, and a very slight muscle definition on the upper part of her arms would look pretty good! Kasey's shading technique in general is somewhat balanced, the lowlights can be too dark and highlights are barely visible, but it works for her. She has made a custom pose in the past, and it didn't turn out too well, with proportions being off for the most part. But she is, without a doubt, very good when it comes to shading clothes. One thing I'd like to address is a common mistake of graphic designers. If you take a look at the top left picture, you'll see how much darker, or shall I say dirtier the fingers look, compared to the face? That is because they are over shaded, fingers do not need a lot of shading, they look fine with a couple of layers of low-lights on the "bottom side", if you know what I mean, and a couple of lighlights on the top. Also, the nose bridge looks there pretty flat. It is cool and in a strange way it even works, but it is not realistic.
She often designs her own backgrounds, which are usually gradients or patterns.

Two oldest graphics I've found:

What to improve?
Kasey, get familiar with anatomy and proportions, and stun us with an amazing custom pose! And no flat nose bridges, please. ;=)

Blog link?

Do they provide graphic tutorials?
No, Kasey Noelle doesn't provide any graphic tutorials.

Do they take requests?
Yes, she does! Her prices depend on difficulty of a graphic, and how long it takes her to make it. For more info click HERE.


Improvement: 10/10
First impression: 9/10
Shading technique in general: 7/10
Proportions/Anatomy: 7/10
Custom poses: 2/10
Hair: 10/10
 Medoll/face shading: 8/10
Clothes shading: 9/10
Attention to detail: 8/10
Background choice: 6/10

Martusia_144 scored a total of 76%!
Graphic level: Advanced

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  1. Yay:) I though I was going to get a really low level. Also, about 30% of all my graphics are custom poses:) Just letting you know.:) Thank you!