Review #4: Lige07

The first one out of the requested four to be reviewed is Lige07, a.k.a. Lige Scene! He dropped out of the first cycle of SDNTGD and is now contestant of the present, second cycle. Many people are rooting for this young graphic designer, but is he really that good?

Two recent graphics:

Lige seems to be one out of barely any graphic designers, who nowadays actually pay attention to detail. The blouse detailing on the top right graphic is gorgeous, and look at that bag on the left! Yet his graphics often have flat parts, parts with barely any dimension. For example, if we take a look at the graphic on the right - notice, how much flatter the blouse looks when compared to model's legs? The hair design is gorgeous, yet it looks like he didn't spend much time on it's shape. He barely ever seems to additionally highlight/shade his model's faces or draw on some makeup. I haven't come across any of his custom poses either. 
His skin shading technique always seemed to be unbalanced, with many, too many layers of low-lights and barely, if any at all, highlights. However, on his latest graphic he seems to have improved. As his graphics are always  entirely based off of real life images, he shades clothes just like they would reflect light in reality, which can be a good or a bad thing. As a background, he often uses plain colors or Stardoll interiors.

Two oldest graphics I've found:

What to improve:
Lige, I'd love to see at least a few custom poses coming from you! And graphics, made completely from scratch would be amazing, too!

Blog link?

Do they provide graphic tutorials?
No, Lige does not provide any of these.

Do they take requests?
Yes, Lige does take requests and his prices might be quite unaffordable for some people. He would charge you 50 Stardollars just for a headshot and as much as 370 Stardollars for three MeDolls with background and text in a .psd file format. For more detail, feel free to click HERE.


Improvement: 8/10
First impression: 10/10
Shading technique in general: 9/10
Proportions/Anatomy: 10/10
Custom poses: 0/10
Hair: 8/10
Medoll/face shading: 4/10
Clothes shading: 10/10
Attention to detail: 10/10
Background choice: 9/10

Lige07 scored a total of 78%!
Graphic level: Advanced

Expect three more reviews coming up today, on the 26th of July!

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  1. Sorry but as a reminder, I actually do not do requests... :) thanks for the awesome review though